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Art work by Morris Bennett

The ChemSep book cover was painted by Morris Bennett. Some of his work is displayed in this little gallery. These paintings are mostly oil on panel, not too large (less than 24") and are for sale (prices are available on request, email Morris at rolandbennett@verizon.net). Click on the arrow to rotate the painting 90, 180, and 270 degrees. Use the arrows left of the scrollbar to scroll up/down the list of paintings.

My paintings are a combination of many different art styles synthesized with directly observed forms in nature. Music and other sounds are also among my influences. I exploit the human tendency to project inner states on outer forms by using my academic training to paint non-representational images.

Guided primarily by intuition, I create my paintings from all four edges, thus most of my work can be rotated to reveal completely different imagery.

My intention is to invite people to explore the worlds I have created and to come away with an increased, though not necessarily definable, understanding of reality.

Morris Bennett