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Here you will find a collection of our databases on mass transfer tests and physical properties. These databases, in text or XML format, can be loaded in ChemSep to generate automated reports. All data originates from published results in journals, magazines, and conference presentations and was abstracted using ScanIt.

Distillation Test Data (How to - tutorial , book)
Structured Packings
Random Packing

Absorption Test Data
- under construction -

LL Extraction Test Data
- under construction -

Vapor-Liquid Equilibria Data (How to - Tutorial , book)
Binary VLE

Diffusivity Data
Binary Liquid Diffusivities
Infinite dilution diffusivities from Ind.Eng.Chem.Res. 41 p. 3326-3328

Viscosity Data
- under construction -

This page is under construction. Submissions are welcome.

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